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Searching for a New Role

Promoting yourself to potential employers is one of the most important aspects of your search for a new role.

Always ensure that your CV is effective in terms of its content, relevance and form. If you need any advice on writing your CV please don't hesitate to contact us.

CV template - please feel free to use the below guidelines for your CV and to help you find a new role:-

Use a standard font ie: Times New Roman - Size 11 or 12 - then across a maximum of 2 pages:


Personal Profile: - about 4 or 5 lines describing your character


Date of Birth (optional)




Computer Skills:

Employment History: - Include all dates and explanation of any date gaps on CV.List your duties in bullet points and keep each bullet point to about 2 or 3 lines


Job Title:

[i.e. Settlements, Client Services, Marketing etc...]

Type of Vacancy

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