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Interview Advice

To promote yourself effectively whilst in front of a potential new employer, you must ensure that you are fully prepared for your interview. Our consultants will ensure that you are fully briefed before attending, but it is advised that you do your own research to ensure that you have first-hand knowledge of the company and role you are interviewing for.

Creating the right impression.

Always prepare some relevant questions regarding the company and role before your interview, for mot only will it impress your interviewer, but it will show that you are organised and keen on the role.

Relate all your qualifications and relevant experience to the role you are interviewing for ,also ensuring that you include any achievements you have been successful in.

Ensure that you are properly dressed for the interview; if you are not sure ask your consultant of the appropriate attire who will advise you accordingly.

Ensure that you are aware of where the company is, how to get there and how long your journey time will be. Employers expect you to be there on time so its best to make sure you are early rather than late.

During the interview.

Ensure that you pay attention to what questions you are being asked and try not to stray too far from the point.

Eye contact is essential; this will ensure that your interviewer has your undivided attention.

Sell yourself to the best of your abilities, remember to have confidence in yourself.

If you are keen on the role and can see yourself fitting well in with the company, let your interviewer know this.

When the interview comes to an end, always ask the interviewer what the next stage of the process will be (i.e. second interview) as this will show that you are keen and wish to pursue the matter.

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